Find out how EBSI can help citizens study, find a job, and start new lives abroad during the EBSI DEMO DAY

On the 31st of May, the EBSI DEMO Day, a one-day event will be hosted to celebrate the milestone reached by the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) and the European Commission with the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) project. After two years of co-development, the distributed blockchain infrastructure is ready to be showcased, presenting EBSI Early Adopters programme’s successful pilot projects.

Run by the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) and the European Commission (EC), EBSI is an infrastructure that allows citizens to start benefiting from its public-driven blockchain, accelerating cross-border services for EU citizens and public administrations. Now, two years after its creation, we’ll be able to see the outcomes of EBSI pilot projects using real data in real-time.

When launched in 2018, 29 countries (all EU Member States, Norway, and Lichtenstein, forming the European Blockchain Partnership) and the European Commission — DIGIT.D3’s Building Blocks team and DG CNECT F3 Blockchain unit — stood by it, as EBSI’s mission is to accelerate the creation of cross-border services and put blockchain at the service of public administrations for the purpose of verifying information, making the services trustworthy. EBSI is the first EU-wide blockchain infrastructure driven by the public sector in full respect of European values and regulations. 

EBSI Early Adopter Programme, that started in July 2021, launched the Multi-University Pilot together with 18 universities in 15 EU countries to showcase the use of cross-border exchange of verifiable credentials in the education domain. These credentials are linked to cryptographically protected proofs that can be used to verify the trustworthiness of such information, enabling its cross-border verification, and helping citizens to study, find a job or start a new life abroad using blockchain technology.

Now, on the 31st of May, we invite you to join us for the EBSI DEMO DAY where we will showcase the outcomes of these pilot projects!



EBSI Demo Day will take place on the 31st of May, the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure’s use cases and capabilities will be introduced by the European Commission and members of the European Blockchain Partnership, highlighting how verifiable credentials (using W3C standards) can be leveraged alongside distributed technologies to give citizens control over their identity and their data in a trusted way.

After all, the challenge is no longer how to share data over the internet but how to do it in a way that citizen can control it and that the verification process is trusted.

During the event, EBSI Early Adopters will present their 6 Demos, each representing a cluster of European countries (more than 12 countries will be represented). They will demonstrate the exchange of specific digital credentials across European borders using digital wallets that have passed EBSI’s Wallet Conformance Testing. Each of the scenarios will be demonstrated in real-time, showing how blockchain can help EU citizens study, find a job, and start a new life abroad.

EBSI Demo Day will end with a panel discussion on the role that the public sector has to play in the decentralised information landscape, allowing participants to find out more about our piloting activities and how to join the EBSI project.

Book your seat now!

Find out more about EBSI on our website and if you have any questions about the event or issues registering, please contact

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